Cement-Free Subfloor Underlayment

GeoGyp Subfloor Underlayment offers an environmentally friendly solution for subfloor levelling and remediation.

GeoGyp's robust compressive strength and resistance to water makes it a suitable low cost replacement for cementitious underlayments. The key feature for those wishing to reduce their environmental footprint is that it contains zero Portland cement.

GeoGyp Product Benefits:

  • GeoGyp is 100% cement-free, making it an environmentally sustainable option.
  • Unlike other gypsum levellers, GeoGyp has incredible compressive strength and water resistance.
  • Using ACM's proprietary binding agent, it is cost effective to manufacturer.
  • GeoGyp is easy to mix on-site, pour and level.

GeoGyp is Designed For:

  • Alternative Cementitious Material manufacturers.
  • Manufacturers of self-levelling underlayments.
  • Companies looking for a greener option when it comes to underlayments.