Alternative Cementitious Material Applications
for the Green Building Sector

ACM Technologies is a global leader in the advancement of Alternative Cementitious Materials (ACM) and Applications. Having worked in the flooring and construction industry for over 80 years, we know both the environmental perils of concrete and how entrenched traditional cement products are in the building industry.

Vision / Mission

Our Vision

To reduce the existential threat caused by cement production by creating and propagating sustainable cement alternatives that are environmentally positive.

Our Mission

To develop alternative cementitious products for the construction industry that will exceed the properties, scope and value of current non-renewable technologies. To lead by example and create a positive impact on the global environment.

Research and Development is Our Focus

Our research and development is centred around one main goal: to find concrete alternatives that are sustainable and less impactful on our environment. From cutting edge geopolymer technology to our innovative Reazzo flooring and GeoGyp Subfloor Underlayment, our research is focused on diverting materials from the landfill and creating less environmental damage. Best of all, we're accomplishing this without sacrificing quality, durability or increased cost.

Changing the Game One Client at a Time

To the surprise of builders and scientists around the world, sustainable Alternative Cementitious Materials are more than a dream - they are possible right now! From Canada to the US, Mexico and Israel, we have partnered with environmentally conscious builders and manufacturers to implement sustainable solutions today.

A greener future starts now – and we can help you be at the forefront.

The ACM Process

Custom Formulated For Your Raw Materials, Region and Needs

We collaborate with construction companies and material manufacturers around the world to develop the most innovative Alternative Cementitious Materials on the market today.

Once your application or manufacturing goals are set, we will request samples of your local sand, aggregates and industrial waste products or, in the case of our GeoGyp product, the gypsum you will use in the manufacturing process. We will then tweak our proprietary compounds to create a one-of-a-kind product to suit your needs.

We have essentially reinvented the wheel when it comes to green flooring applications, and look forward to working with you to create a unique product that will give you an edge in your marketplace.